Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cyber-Bear training the puppy

Done February 2010 in my spare time. Not my best work, but still entertaining to watch I think.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Cyber-Bear vs. D-Battery

Done in February 2010 in my spare time. The laser is actually made bristol board and the smoke out of shredded foam, nothing was added in post-production except for sound.

Ransack transforming

Done Feb 2010 in my spare time. I've always wanted to make a transformer I did it! This toy is Deceptican Ransack, created by Hasbro.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Puppet vs Cyber-Bear

Cyber-Bear kicks @$$!

Did this in the even stop motion class I'm co-running right now. Just having some fun.

Cyber-Bear Composite test

Animated during the first session of the eveing stop motion sessions that me and Jen Bamford are currently coordinating together with Chris Walsh's blessings. I shot him against a make-shift green screen and edited the green out afterwards in photoshop, then adjusted the colours to suit the background, which was also painted in photoshop. I used After Effects for the camera move and shadow behind him. The sounds are from the Sheridan sound library and were assembled in Premier.

If you are curious, this is the original video shot against the grean screen (although I still had to use photoshop to beef the colour because it was so faded before. Chris's digital camera's are good, but they're still obviously not as good as professional cameras. You may notice there is some extra footage at the end, think of it as my own deleted scenes, lol. I thought it was a stronger peice with just the 1st half.

Cyber-Bear stop motion puppet

Built in my spare time out of readily available and inexpensive materials: armature wire, epoxy putty, shredded foam stuffing, salvaged denim, stick tack and acrylic paint.

Here is the skeleton inside if you're curious. Didn't have access to proper facilites when I did this so I made due with a digital camera and a light disk to rotate on.

S*** Happens (Leica with Animation)

Done for 5th semester story, animation and layout class. (a lot of resolution is lost, but you get the idea)

S*** Happens (Animation only)

Done for 5th Semester Animation class. Correstponds with Layout and Story for the Action Analysis Assignment.

You lose a fair bit from the resolution, but what can you do?

AA Background

Done for 3rd Year Design/Layout - corresponds with Story and Animation for the Action Analysis asignment. Tried to keep it gritty:




In-class Stop-motion animations

My Second walk. As you can see I got better. I'm especially proud because I did this in the afternoon on no sleep from pulling an all-nighter.

First attempt at a walk.

2nd marked assignment in Stop-Motion.

Getting to know the puppet. Co-animated with Sandra Loke.

For this assignment, the cars had to follow this exact path, just miss each other on that exact frame and crash on that exact frame. I had to tailor my timing and performance to those specifications.

First day in Stop-Motion class. Co-animated alongside Sandra Loke. Just playing around.