Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ms. Marvel Sketch

Done in my spare time in my sketchbook

Kirby's Toy (leica reel)

Done in 3rd Semester Story class.

"Apollo's Mission" Sequence 6 Storyboards

Done for 3rd year story class. Because of time constaints we cut the first half of this sequence out pretty early on. The end result makes the film less about Apollo's fame and more about his stive for the moon. We had to keep the helicopters cause they're just freakin awesome!

"Apollo's mission" Character concepts

"Apollo's Mission" Concepts

"Apollo's Mission" Colour Studies

Done for 3rd Year group film

"Apollo's Mission" prop design

Designed for 3rd Year group film

Economical caricatures

While I was working at Economical Insurance as a summer student, they liked it when I drew caricatures, so my resource manager two years ago requested that I caricature everyone in the service desk team. This copy you see here is from my last work term but has some in it that were done in the first term. So some caricatures are a lot better than others because I got better as I went (by the way, that one of me the the bottom right corner was actually done by Emslie, not me. you can probably tell).
These were done on sticky notes, most with a mechanical pencil. This was mostly to boost employee moral. I gave each employee the signed original and made a photocopy of each as I went. What you are looking has some generation loss, especially that one of Raghav in the middle, he smudged it before it got photocopied, lol.

New Black Panther

Done in my spare time in my sketch book

Friday, January 22, 2010

Early Character Concepts for "Urban Decay" (working title)

Ongoing story and character developements (some of these are older than others):
Dante: Child soldier
Ingra: Double agent

Preezrak: Anti-hero

Preezrak: Anti-hero

Top-Woods's younger brother: deceased
Bottom-Woods: Anti-hero

Wallace: Mob Boss

Alien Sketch

Quick Alien sketch

Dr. Alama Caricature

One of Liz's Professors. He said Muh-kay a lot (rather than okay)

Transformer concepts

Personal sketchbook drawings
Decepticon: Cobrastrike
Autobot: Freakie

Alien 3 - Dog Alien Maquette

Done for 2nd semester 3D in Art Fundamentals

Hand Sculpture

Done in 1st Semester 3D Design in Art Fundamentals

Costello-3D Rat Character

Done for 4th Semester Digital Methodologies

"Cowboys and Robbers" Scene 10

Done for 4th Semester Layout and Painting classes

"Cowboys and Robbers" Colour Keys

Done for 4th Semester Painting class

"Cowboys and Robbers" TV boards

Done for 4th Semester Story class