Sunday, June 21, 2009

Flour sack-cloud interaction

This was the final project in 1st year animatation at Sheridan. I have another version that is 12 seconds (the assignment's time limit cut-off). The 12 second version communicated fine, but I prefer my version without the time constraints because it has more opportunity for proper atmosphere and pacing.

For the assignment we all drew an item from the hat and had to convey a clear emotion from the flour sack. I picked a cloud out of the hat and so I went with sad and made it a rain cloud. The story was thought up by me and my friend Minh, we thought it would be funny if the cloud was one of those stereotypical rain clouds that form over depressed cartoon characters. The flour sack becomes annoyed with the cloud when it does not continue to follow him in his depressed state.

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