Saturday, January 30, 2010

Economical caricatures

While I was working at Economical Insurance as a summer student, they liked it when I drew caricatures, so my resource manager two years ago requested that I caricature everyone in the service desk team. This copy you see here is from my last work term but has some in it that were done in the first term. So some caricatures are a lot better than others because I got better as I went (by the way, that one of me the the bottom right corner was actually done by Emslie, not me. you can probably tell).
These were done on sticky notes, most with a mechanical pencil. This was mostly to boost employee moral. I gave each employee the signed original and made a photocopy of each as I went. What you are looking has some generation loss, especially that one of Raghav in the middle, he smudged it before it got photocopied, lol.

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