Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Robot Chicken Variant Cover for Aquaman #12

Hey everyone,  I collaborated on a Robot Chicken variant cover for Aquaman #12, which is being released August 29!
There does not appear to be any credit for the variant cover, but here are the players behind the scenes: I posed and arranged the puppets in this cover, lighting/camera was done by Jeff Gardner, post production touch-ups were done by Cam Leeburg, with the image conceived and directed by Zeb Wells. I don't know who specifically made the puppets or the set, but it would have been several people at Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, which is where we shot this cover.
     "'This is the last thing I ever thought we'd put on an Aquaman cover because it's such a bizarre collision of worlds but I think it's one of the best covers we've ever done...I just love the look on Superman's face!' says DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns," (TV Guide).
Oh and I love this:
     "There is no actual Robot Chicken content inside Aquaman No. 12. 'Our plot is deadly serious,' notes Johns," (TV Guide).
And while you're out looking for this special variant, pick up Avenging Spider-man #11 which is also coming out this week and is written by Zeb Wells.
Oh and what's this it says on the cover? Robot Chicken DC Comics Special showing midnight on September 9? That's right! Check out the trailer:
I joined up half way through this project, so I've animated a few shots, a couple of them in this trailer: First, Aquaman falling on his face as Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman laugh and fly off. Second, Superman getting shot in the crotch and saying, "What's going on here?"
I've got some other shots that I can't comment on yet, but I can tell you this: they are hilarious and this special is a must see for all Robot Chicken and comic book fans.
Excelsior DC fans!!!
....No wait-