Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Grouchy Start

It's been a long time since I cut a demo reel together, and I'm realizing now that I'm probably not going to cut one any time soon simply because it hasn't been necessary for me in years. However, much of my studio work, specifically on Robot Chicken, is streaming for free online already so I might as well post some links to the stuff I contributed to. 

This sketch, A Grouchy Start, was entirely animated by myself. It's a rare treat to be the only person to animated an entire sketch simply due to scheduling practicality. Most sketches take place in multiple places, meaning multiple sets, so a single sketch will bounce around several stages and animators before it is finished. Since this sketch takes place entirely in one alley, it only touched one stage, mine!

Ricky Recycle Bin was an excellent puppet to play with, his larger than life attitude lent itself to broad acting choices, and being a Muppet-style character, meant lots of acting with the head. It had lots of input in the acting choices and really had fun when he looses his temper. For his last syllable of the word "understand" as he yells at the little girl, I animated him on singles to make it that much more crazy. As a result, this is one my favourite sketches. The Ricky puppet was broken in the spine and both shoulders by the end of the sketch! Oscar and his brother were fine by the end though, despite what happens to the brother in the sketch.

For an extra bit of trivia: the man wearing yellow that pushes Ricky over is modeled after the likeness of Animation Supervisor Alex Kamer.

This sketch turned out to be a favourite for viewers who have worked in a recyclable sorting facility, so this is dedicated to all you recycle heroes out there! Now the whole world can feel your pain!

*The elements stated above are the extent of my contributions to this video clip. All rights reserved to Adult Swim and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios.

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